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Nexa CB910 Cash drawer – An integral part of your retail operations

Posted by pos central on Monday, 27 October 2014 1

Nexa cb910
Nexa cb910 cash drawer

Whether you own a retail store, restaurant or a kiosk that involves payment exchange, cash drawers are an essential part of your business.  They help you safely store all your cash from the transactions. Cash drawers come with removable inserts that have several compartments. These are helpful in sorting your coins and denominations.

Looking for POS Cash Drawers?

When choosing one for your business, it is important to outline the specific needs of your business. For example, if your office is located in a crime prone area, it is important to opt for a heavy duty cash drawer that can provide the added security to your hard earned money.  Similarly, if you deal with grocery or fast food and your drawer needs to be opened frequently and is susceptible to dents, a heavy duty one is again the right choice for you. Though expensive, it is worth the cost when compared to the level of security it provides.

A standard cash drawer is more suitable for businesses that have less frequent transactions and offers much less resistance against damage.

Compatibility is a factor you cannot ignore. Which interface is compatible with your POS System? This will help you decide between a manual, printer driven or serial driven cash drawer. Let’s find out how each of these are different.

Manual cash drawers need to operate on the own and there is no connection between the drawer and the POS System.

The Printer Driven cash drawers are the most popular of all. Here the cash drawer plugs in directly to your receipt printer and the receipt printer then signals the cash drawer to open.

In case of Serial driven cash drawers, a serial cable connects the cash drawer to the computer.

When buying drawers for your business, the cost is a key factor. Drawers are available from about 75 dollars to more than 300 dollars. How many units do you need, the quality you are looking for, design, overall security as well as aesthetics – all contribute to your final choice.

Next, comes the space factor. Consider the counter space that you have for the drawer to utilize along with the distance covered when the drawer opens up.

Durability and warranty are two other important factors when purchasing a cash drawer.

Heavy duty cash drawers are ideal for high traffic businesses or long periods of use. They have sturdy steel bearing slides, long lasting inserts and a finish that can easily handle daily and rigorous use. Most heavy duty drawers last for millions of cycles and come with 4+ years of warranty.

Standard duty cash drawers work well for businesses with low to medium sale. They can handle up to 1 million electronic transactions and mostly come with 2 years warranty.

POS Central offers a wide range of cash drawers from popular brands as Nexa, Goodson, Posiflex, Casio and more. For more visit www.poscentral.com.au or Call 1300 590 094

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