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Choosing the Right Cash Drawer for Your Business

Posted by pos central on Tuesday, 9 December 2014 0

For those who think all cash drawers are the same, it is important to understand that it is not so. Choosing the right cash drawer can have a considerable impact on the functioning of your business therefore you need to invest in the one that suits your professional requirements.

Cost is obviously one of the major factors in determining your choice of cash drawer. How much you spend on your cash drawer needs depends on the number of drawers you need, quality, compatibility, aesthetics, design and your overall security needs.

Here are some of the key areas you need to focus on:

Space Requirements:

When buying a new POS cash drawer, you need to think about the drawer space.  How much counter space do you have available? Take into account the space for the drawer installation as well as the distance of ejection when the drawer is opened. Cash drawers also come with some extra space under the till for additional coin storage or storing large denomination bills securely.

Next comes till compatibility. There are standard tills and ones that come with adjustable sections, bill hold downs & detachable coin trays.

Do you intend using your cash drawer exhaustively? Does your business have periods of exceptional heavy use? Heavy duty cash drawers are designed for such high traffic situations. 


•    Sturdy steel ball bearing slides for maximum reliability
•    Superior latching system to minimise breakage risks
•    Mechanical & Electrical components tested to withstand 2-4 million operations seamlessly
•    Extended manufacture warranty options

Low traffic requirement and affordability well support the case of a standard cash drawer. If you have a limited budget and receive small to moderate traffic, a Standard Cash Drawer is appropriate for you.

Features to look for:

•    Roller wheel suspension
•    Manual components tested for a minimum of 300,000 cycles
•    Electronic components tested for 1-2 million operations
•    Manufacturer Warranty up to 2 years

Locks & Trays

Focus on the type of lock you need for your cash drawer. Do you need an electronic lock, manual lock or a cash drawer that can be locked electronically as well as manually?

How many cash and coin trays do you need? What is the make that you would love to have?


Is your chosen cash drawer compatible with your existing POS system? Imagine undergoing the entire process of purchasing & installing a cash drawer to find out that your POS system is not compatible with the cash drawer.  There are a wide range of software packages available in the market and you must always make sure to research the type of hardware components that will work consistently with your system.

Receipt printer or PC Driven?

Last but not the least, how will your cash drawer be powered? Are you looking for one that is powered via a PC or receipt printer driven -USB/Serial Interface cash drawer? In case you go for a drawer powered by your computer or receipt printer, ensure that your components have the necessary accommodating elements.

One less known but useful feature that some cash drawers have is prevention of a successful transaction in case the drawer is not completely closed.

POS Central offers cash drawers from top brands at discounted prices. Get the right one for a more secure and productive business environment!

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