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Cash Registers-Keep track of customer transactions

Posted by pos central on Tuesday, 2 June 2015 1

Cash Registers are an integral part of any retail business. Although Cash Registers have their own limitations as compared to software based POS solutions but their ease of use and affordable prices make them a popular choice especially in case of small budget businesses. Track customer sales and transaction details seamlessly with electronic cash registers!

Today cash registers are available in several sizes, designs and to suit every pocket. They are more than an expensive business calculator. A basic cash register can not only help you with calculation of transactions or take printouts for record; it also stores vital product codes so that you can keep a proper track of all your sales and tax details. Cash registers save time and minimize the chances of human errors when you deal with large volume of transactions daily.

Some models come attached with a scanner that can read the product bar codes making the checkout process faster and even more convenient. In case of a large inventory, it is always better to go for an alphanumeric cash register. The double function keypad allows entering both letters and numbers so that you can easily type your product name, messages or custom statements at the same time.

What are the security features available with your cash register?

Does your cash register have a drawer attached? Drawers come across as an excellent feature helping businesses safely store all dollars and checks. You may also opt for cash registers with password protected drawers which open only when an authorized person enters the right code.

It is always a good idea to go for a cash register that has battery backup in addition to the normal electric supply so that your business does not suffer in event of a sudden power outage. These cash registers are quite costly and generally opted for by businesses with bigger budgets.

There are two types of cash registers – thermal print and ribbon print. Both help you store receipts from your transactions. While thermal print cash registers seem expensive, you need not invest in ink cartridges everytime which add to the savings in the long run. Ribbon print cash registers are less expensive but you need to replace ink cartridges regularly. Ribbon print ones offer clearer printing making them a popular choice.

Compared to POS solutions, solo Cash Registers are the preferred choice of small business owing to their relatively low startup cost, ease of use, basic functionalities and fewer components.

POS Central offers single and dual roll cash registers from top brands as Sam4S, Casio and more. For details, please visit us at www.poscentral.com.au or Call 1300 590 094

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  1. Well, i think you are right, cash registers is a important part of retailer business. I have a retailer shop and also have cash registers and i would like to thanks BPA Free Rolls for providing me good service.


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