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How to choose the right barcode scanner?

Posted by pos central on Tuesday, 9 June 2015 1

A barcode scanner as the name implies helps you in reading barcodes. Let’s start with understanding what a barcode is. A barcode is simply an encoded form of letters and numbers that use bars and spaces. It does not contain any descriptive data.

So, the computer by itself cannot read the barcode. For the computer to make some meaning out of the barcode, it has to be decoded and converted into a readable format. This is where the barcode scanner comes into play. Barcode scanner is the device that captures this information and sends it to the computer.

A classic Bar Code scanner or reader kit consists of scanner, decoder & cable that connects the decoder to the computer. The scanner first scans the barcode and sends it to the decoder. The decoder then translates these bars & spaces into resultant electrical output. This data is then transmitted to the computer.

How to choose the right barcode scanner?

First you need to understand the two major classes of barcode readers. Barcode scanners can be image based or laser based. The image based readers have a camera embedded in the scanner that captures the images and decodes the barcodes. The laser based scanners use lenses and mirrors to read the codes.

The laser ones are usually much more expensive as compared to the image based scanners. The laser ones are delicate are more prone to wear and tear. They can scan from a much wider angle and have a longer scan distance range too. So, before you finalise your barcode reader, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

•    What type of environment will the scanner be put through?
•    What is the scanning distance?
•    Do you need a hand held barcode reader or prefer a hands free one?
•    What is your budget?

For a short range scanning, an image based scanner works great. It is ideal in case you work in a rugged environment where there are chances of a few drops or knocks.

However, if you are looking for a barcode scanner to be used in your sophisticated retail store and you have the budget, it is advisable to go for a laser scanner.

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