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Your Barcode Scanner Buying Guide

Posted by pos central on Wednesday, 19 August 2015 1

Barcode Scanners are a vital tool when it comes to faster and efficient business management.  Remember the more well-organized your stocking and checkout area is, the better business you can conduct.

Making your checkout line faster and smoother is a dire need is if you are looking to provide top class customer service and attract repeat customers to your store. And, Happy Customers means Happier you!

Barcode scanners have evolved greatly over the passing years in terms of functionality, durability and convenience. Today you have scanners that offer high class scanning with features as Bluetooth connectivity and cordless functionality helping businesses effectively manage their assets out in the field as well as in harsh business environments.
  • Classifying Barcode Scanners - Barcode scanners can be classified into several groups as per their scanning capabilities as laser barcode scanners and imagers or by function as handheld scanners, portable & wireless scanners.
  • Handheld Barcode Scanners -
    These are portable barcode scanners that can be easily held by one hand. They typically use the trigger mechanism with point and scan function. They can be corded or cordless and efficiently scan 1D or 2D barcodes using both laser or imaging technology.
  • Laser Barcode Scanners - Laser barcode scanners can read 1D Barcodes only. They use a laser light beam that is scanned to and fro the barcode.  A photo diode is used to measure the light intensity reflected from the laser and the decoder interprets the waveforms produced. 
  • Imagers - An imager uses image capturing rather than using the laser beam to interpret product barcodes. Sophisticated digital image process functionality is applied to decode the barcodes. Imaging scanners are more advanced as compared to laser barcode scanners
  • Cordless or Wireless Barcode Scanners - Wireless barcode scanners use a rechargeable power source for cord-free operation. They can be laser or image scanners. When choosing a cordless barcode scanner, you need to consider the average fully charged battery life under everyday typical use. The battery life you will be looking at depends whether the scanner will be used indoors or out in the field away from the charging source.
  • Industrial Barcode Scanners - Handheld barcode scanners are called industrial scanners when they have a robust construction that can withstand harsh environment and rough handling. These scanners come with an IP Rating (Ingress Protection Rating). This is a global rating system that classifies scanner and other electronics based on its resistance to environmental threat such as dust or moisture.
  • While buying a barcode scanner, here are the key features you need to look at:
  • Corded or Cordless? - Where will your scanner be typically used? Does your application need more on floor, cross facility or outdoor use? Will your staff have a power source handy at all times? Choose a corded or cordless scanner after careful consideration of these questions.
  • Connectivity - A Bluetooth barcode scanner can connect to your network wirelessly and seamlessly transmit data to your application or database.
  • Durability - Do you work in closed sophisticated environment or need a scanner that has to withstand harsh conditions? If you are looking for a durable scanner that functions well in a dusty and rough environment, go for a handheld barcode scanner with an IP rating IP54 or IP65. Such rating indicates that the device can work great even amidst dust, water jets or water spray. When you work I such harsh environments, you need to consider a specialty handheld scanner that has been designed for use in such environment.
  • 1D or 2D Scanning -  Do you need 1D Scanning or need to scan two dimensional barcodes? Choose a scanner that fits your   specific business needs.
  • Scanning Speed - If your business has large scale scanning needs, go for a handheld barcode scanner with quick and continuous barcode scanning ability. There are scanners that can scan 60 to 120 images every second offering maximum output with minimum downtime.
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