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Choosing POS Receipt Printer for your business

Posted by pos central on Tuesday, 15 September 2015 0

 Thermal Printers

Own a retail business?  You simply cannot function without Receipt Printers in your POS Hardware toolbox as you need them all the time to print customer receipts and credit card slips. Do you own a restaurant or a bar? In this case too, you will need a receipt printer to print orders back in the kitchen or at the bar.

However, before you set out to buy one for your store, it is important to understand that all receipt printers are not the same. They vary in features, price and are suited for different business environments. POS Receipt printers start from as low as $200 and can go up to $1000 or more.

Receipt printers are of three types:-
  1. Dot matrix printers
  2. Thermal printers 
  3. Ink Jet printers

Dot matrix printers are also known as impact printers. They are a reliable and cost effective option that involve the least operating costs too when it comes to replacing papers and ribbons.

Dot matrix printers have small pins that are mounted on the print head and they simply press and transfer the ink on the receipt paper. They can print in two different colors by using a two tone ribbon and are also capable of printing graphics. Dot matrix printers function well even in high temperatures making them an ideal choice for kitchen environments.

Direct Thermal Receipt Printers are expensive as compared to dot matrix printers and are popular because of features as:
  • Better print quality
  • Fast High volume printing
  • Less noise
These printers print by direct contact between a thermal head that generates heat and the heat sensitive thermal paper. So your thermal paper does not need any ink or toner as in case of a dot matrix printer. Over time, your thermal printers make up for their initial high cost.

Today you have thermal receipt printers that offer multi colored printing as well as double sided printing of receipts. With printing speed of more than 1 foot per second, direct thermal printers come across as an ideal choice for fast paced restaurants, eateries or busy grocery stores.

Inkjet Receipt Printers
In case you run an upscale boutique or a classy eatery that needs quiet, high quality colored printing, go for an inkjet receipt printer. Here small nozzles are used to spray ink on the receipts. Ideal choice if you need colorful logos and coupons printed on to your receipts. Inkjet Printers are a pricey option as you need to spend significant amount on every cartridge replacement.

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