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Buying the right cash register for your business

Posted by pos central on Thursday, 14 January 2016 2

If you are into any kind of business that witnesses numerous retail transactions daily, you definitely need a cash register to effectively manage all your transactions. Depending on the type and vastness of your business, you can choose from a basic cash register or an advanced one. A comprehensive point of sale system will offer a range of features to suit the varying needs of a big or quick growing business.

Here are few important pointers to keep in mind before you invest in a cash register so that it is a perfect fit for your specific business.

Size & growth plans of your business:
A basic cash register will perfectly suit a business that handles minimal inventory and processes only a handful of transactions every day. Such cash registers are priced anywhere between $200 to $1000.

In case you have a relatively big business with numerous products, you need to invest in a comprehensive POS cash register with a barcode scanner and product codes to assist in streamlining your transactions.

A heavy duty cash register with an attached barcode scanner to read the barcodes can speed up the checkout process easily as very little information needs to be entered manually. Something you need in case you own a departmental store right?

You can go for an alpha numeric cash register that comes with a double function keypad to allow entering numbers as well as letters. Enter product names, price or any customized text messages!

Another point to keep in mind is scalability.
In case you have a small business as on today but have big expansion plans, it is always a good idea to buy an advanced cash register that offers the desired scalability as and when your business grows.

A majority of cash registers come with a locking cash drawer to help you store your dollars and checks. Go for cash drop boxes to store large amount of cash safely. You may also go for a cash register that offers password protection so that the drawer can be only opened by authorized cashiers who know the right code. This feature is extremely useful to keep miscreants at bay.

Inventory tracking feature
How big is your business inventory? In case your business has a limited inventory, a basic cash register should be enough. In case of large businesses that have a big inventory, a POS system that offers inventory tracking feature is a must. This will help you monitor everyday transactions effortlessly.

Get to know real time about the number of each product you have in stock and products which are going to soon run out of stock soon so that you can order and stack them. All this helps you in in seamless business management.

POS Central offers a wide range of cash registers from popular brands as Casio, SAM4s and more starting at less than $200. For details, please visit  https://www.poscentral.com.au/cash-registers.html

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