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Choose The Receipt Printer That Is Perfect for Your Business

Posted by pos central on Friday, 13 May 2016 1

A receipt printer is a ubiquitous gadget in every store that you see or visit. It is indispensable for merchants to keep track of their business transactions. It is absolutely imperative to have receipts when filing tax returns and for accounts and bookkeeping. Receipts are also important for customers as a record of the transaction which will come in handy for their own record keeping, or when they want to return or exchange products, or for their own tax filing purposes. Whatever be the reason, choosing a good receipt printer is essential for every business owner to keep his business flow running smoothly and to provide customers with a record of their transactions.

There are several types of receipt printers in the market today, each with a different price range and features to suit different business needs and budgets. Some of the popular receipt printers that complement the point-of-sale machine or the computer are the thermal receipt printers, dot matrix or impact receipt printers, wireless or mobile receipt printers, inkjet receipt printers, kiosk printers, etc.

Thermal receipt printers are comparatively faster and quieter at printing than their predecessors, the direct printers or the transfer printers. Thermal printers use thermal heads and rollers to print on special thermal paper. They are also easy to operate and the print quality is perfectly balanced. Dot matrix printers are less expensive than thermal printers and use ink to print out receipts. They are great when you want to make multiple copies of the same receipt as they make strong impressions on the paper. Wireless or mobile receipt printers are handy as they are not attached to a wire or a power main. They can be transferred from one POS machine to another easily. Inkjet receipt printers use ink cartridges to print out receipts. They produce receipts at fast speeds and are great for businesses with a high volume of customers every day. Kiosk printers are easy to maintain and flexible, and are great for any operations that require self-service.

Before choosing a receipt printer, you need to know the kind of interface that will be used to connect the printer to your computer or the POS machine. You also need to ensure that the software in your printer or computer is compatible with the one used by the receipt printer. If your printer is connected to the cash drawer, then ensure that receipt printer and cash drawer are compatible.

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