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High quality receipt printers at a very affordable price

Posted by pos central on Thursday, 21 July 2016 0

Epson receipt printer
Epson t20 receipt printer

A receipt printer is a very important part of a system that is popularly known as the point of sale system. This type of printer is basically connected to a cash register and is basically used for printing credit card slip or any customer receipts. The receipt printer is very commonly used in the industry that deals with retailing. It can be easily connected to a computer with the help of universal serial bus port or with the help of an Ethernet cable. It is also used for the purpose of business.

A receipt printer is available with lots of specifications. The most commonly used receipt printer is the thermal receipt printer, impact or dot matrix receipt printer, a mobile or wireless receipt printer and an inkjet receipt printer. A thermal receipt printer is a fast printing device that works on the principle of heat. It contains a ribbon that is sensitive to the heat. This ribbon is used for printing images on a thermal paper. Thermal printer is the most expensive one. The other receipt printers include which is slow and is less expensive. The main principle of a dot matrix printer is that it contains small pins on its head these pins are used for creating image on the paper.

A PSU black thermal receipt printer is known for its high reliability. It can be operated safely under any harsh environment. It has a metal hinge cover that is unbreakable in nature and it also has a dust proof structure that makes it highly reliable. It has a flexible connectivity feature and any kind of interface ranging from serial, bi directional parallel as well as Ethernet can be used for connection. It is very easy to use and it provides protection from water droplet penetration.

A mini parallel interface dot matrix receipt printer is a low cost printer and can be used for a variety of activity mainly data logging. The main features of this kind of receipt printer are that it is capable of 2ply printing, it is of very small size with 2.5 lines per second speed, and is made for serial dot matrix printing.

An inkjet printer is a very high quality receipt printer that is mainly used for professional purpose. It has a very fast printing speed with multiple interface cards. Another important feature is that it is very easy to use and the problem of paper jamming is absolutely eliminated.

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