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Looking for a perfect barcode scanner!

Posted by pos central on Thursday, 9 February 2017 0

barcode scanners
Barcode scanners

A bar code reader of a barcode scanner is a device that is used for capturing and reading data and information contained in a barcode. This device can either a stationary device or a handheld one. The scanners come with three major components. These are a decider, scanner, and a cable. The decoder can be in-built in the device or can be viewed from the outside. The reader gets connected to a computer through a cable using a variety of mechanisms like a wedge or a serial port or the keyboard.

Let us find out more about the variety of barcode scanners available-

1   1.   Memory Barcode Scanner- This type of scanner is available in wireless variety and comes with no cables when using the scanner for scanning. Barcodes can be easily scanned using this scanner and the data gets stored within its memory board. The user using the scanner can walk around scanning the barcodes and once the job is done, can come back to the personal computer and the data can then be uploaded into excel, any open application or a notepad using a comms cradle or a direct cable. Some of the scanners may also come with RTC or Real Time Clock that also offers a feature of recording a time and date stamp when scanning a barcode.

2   2.    Blue tooth Barcode Scanner- This is again a wireless scanner, and it works by transmitting the data that has been scanned back via a Bluetooth into a receiving cradle. This is then plugged into a PC or a host. These scanners can also be used along with a tablet, a laptop or a smartphone. These scanners are available in a great variety, varying in terms of size, robustness, and features. These scanners can also store data that has been scanned thus working as a memory scanner.

3   3.  PDA Barcode Scanners- This scanner variety also comes in the wireless format. They are much more functional that a wireless barcode scanner. It also comes with a memory feature.

Depending on one’s requirements and budget, an appropriate barcode scanner can be bought at cost effective rates.

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