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A durable and strong cash drawer- Posiflex CR4100

Posted by pos central on Wednesday, 8 March 2017 1

Posiflex CR4104

POS Central is a leading supplier of POS systems in Australia. POS Systems only deals in the products of popular manufacturers and suppliers. POS central provides all devices that are used in any Point Of Sale environment at cost effective manner.

The point of Sale is a place where a customer buys a product and the merchants sell these products. The point of sale is a very effective environment where some devices are used and weight of the product, the price of the product, discount, print receipt of the transactions and all such works are done on a single platform.

The cash drawer is a box like an item which is placed under a cash register. This is not just a simple box where cash and coins are kept for the purpose of storing it, but it has a special feature of keeping the track of all cash received and paid by a cashier. Each cashier is given a login name to open the cash drawers. Before the transaction starts some initial amount is kept in the cash drawer. The initial cash kept in the cash drawer, various transactions took place throughout the day and the closing balance; all are recorded by cash drawers. This helps in the reconciliation of cash at the end of the day.
Apart from cash, the cash drawer can count cheques and money orders which are kept in a separate compartment in the cash drawer.

POS Central deals in various types of cash drawers. POS Central supplies the Posiflex CR4104 series of cash drawers which is a brand name in the manufacturer of cash drawers. Posiflex has the credit of leading the industry in terms of designing touch screen terminals and peripherals. These devices are very much in demand in various industries like Point of Sale, health care units, food chains and various retail business units. The products manufactured by Posiflex are technologically advance and are designed to cater diverse business needs.

The Posiflex CR4100 series cash drawer is very strong, durable and can be used in a roughed environment. It is made of strong metal. It can be used in the normal environment with normal household power supply.

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  1. Nice post, must be appreciated! Is this the Digital Cash Drawer you're talking about?


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