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Utilization of time by understanding the Functioning of Barcode Scanner

Posted by pos central on Thursday, 6 April 2017 0

In modern time, the point of sale system is completely automated and electronic system. All the components that together form an environment for point of sale system are electronically driven devices. Cash registers, cash drawers, receipt printers and barcode scanners are basic devices that are used for point of sale system and these devices are electronic devices and connected to each other. All the devices are important and installed to form some important task. The main aim of these components is to provide a friendly platform where various transactions can take place in a smooth manner providing ease of work to the great extent.

A barcode scanner is a handheld device which undertakes the job of reading barcode from the products and displaying the same on the terminal attached to the cash register. In a barcode scanner, the optical impulses are translated into electrical impulses. A light sensor is used to perform this task. A barcode scanner is extensively used in the retail industry to read barcodes which are generally a twelve digit or eight digit codes. A barcode scanner typically consists of three parts such as a light sensor, an illumination system, and a decoder. Barcodes are either 1D or 2D codes. In 1D barcodes, the width and spacing between parallel lines are one dimensional. This type is the traditional form of barcodes. On the other hand, two-dimensional symbols and shapes are used in 2D barcodes. In this type more data per unit area can be represented when compared to a 1D barcode.

Nowadays QR code or 2D matrix barcodes are used in retail, entertainment and advertising industries. QR codes provide fast readability and are flexible in size. QR codes are considered as public domain. Different industry uses different types of coding system. A barcode scanner generates an analog signal which is sent to the decoder. These signals are converted into text with the help of decoder that interprets these signals. Barcode scanning is not just reading the parallel lines but a lot of information can be tracked by businesses which increase productivity and efficiency of business. A good amount of time and money is saved with the use of barcode scanners.

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