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Pros and Cons of Using A Thermal Receipt Printer

Posted by pos central on Wednesday, 5 July 2017 0

Thermal Receipt printers

As the name suggests, Epson receipt printer is a device which prints a small document containing the details of a financial transaction. It is given to a customer by a seller. For this purpose, receipt printers are used. These can be seen in retail business, restaurants, bar etc. There are 3 types of receipt printers: thermal, inkjet and impact.

Today, we will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the thermal receipt printer as it is the most popular among the businessmen.

There are several advantages of a thermal printer which makes it one of the best type in receipt printers.

Cost effective: Thermal printer are economical compared to other printers, it does not use any kind of cartridges or ribbons, meaning you will save a lot of money and avoid unnecessary wastage of time and money.

Speed: Thermal printer is the fastest receipt printer. They can print a normal receipt under 5 seconds which is a lot less in comparison to the impact or inkjet printers. The high-speed printing means faster checkout process which improves the sales of the store. Otherwise, the customer has to wait in long queue for their turn.

Less Downtime: Thermal printer has almost zero downtime resulting is long hours of efficient working of the printer. Now, the employees can work easily without any hassle.
Less inventory space: These printers take less space compared to other printers. You don’t have to make any investment in making a big table to place all your POS system as thermal printer takes only a few inches of the table.

Now, let’s talk about the downside of the thermal receipt printers.

Zero exposure to heat: Receipts printed using a thermal printer cannot withstand heat or exposure to the sun. Thermal printers use heat to print the text on the paper, if they are exposed to heat, the text on the receipt will start to fade away.

Short life of receipts: Electronic stores provide a minimum warranty of 1 year and to avail that warranty you must have a receipt of the transaction. The life of the receipt is not very long as without exposure to heat the text on the paper will start to fade away.

Epson Receipt printers are widely used receipt printers through which  both customer and business operators are benefited within a Point of sale system.

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